Cubase LE ICON edition download access code its doesn't work

I just bought the ICON Cube 2 nano device, and got the 21 digit Cubase LE ICON edition access code download.
I visited the Steinberg website and registered an account, and then I entered the 21-digit download access code and “Soft-eLicenser numbers consist of 20 characters. Please correct your entry.”

Did I receive the wrong code? why give the wrong code?

Hi and welcome,

Sorry I’m not sure I understand your steps.

Did you enter the 21-digit Download Access Code in your MySteinberg account or in the eLCC application? Where did the message “Soft-eLicenser numbers consist of 20 characters. Please correct your entry.” appear, please?

Does the code start with 0240 or not?

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Hi Martin I have Same problem.ı bought icon product and they gave me an access code it contains 21 digits.Downloaded program doesn’t accept this code then I add ICON at the end of code but it doesn’t work. What else can I do?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Does the code start with the 0240 digits, please?

No, it starts witw 11F77.


Then it’s the Download Access Code. Use it in the Steinberg Download Assistant and your MySteinberg account, please.

Dear Martin U use this app.