Cubase LE install issue

Hi all,
Brand new Zoom H1n with a free Cubase LE license. Running MacBook Pro - High Sierra 10.13.6. Got the Steinberg Download Assistant set up. Select Cubase LE 9.5 install. Download and install. Installed icon is Cubase Elements 9.5. (Admittedly, I know next to nothing yet about any of this s/w or process. Looks to me like Elements is a whole different animal and not what I want or need for now.)
Did the Steinberg Download Assist uninstall and tried again. Same result.
I noticed that the Elements download was the EXACT same size as the LE download should have been. Wondering if Steinberg has the links fouled up somehow.

Also included with the Zoom was a free copy of Wavelab LE. It looks to be functional, tho maybe less intuitive.

Looking for any ideas as to how to get my Cubase LE downloaded/installed. Thanks in advance. /chuxster

Elements, LE, AI are the same install and the license you own is what makes certain features available.

The way I read it, I’ve got a license for LE. When the download and install are complete, what I have is Elements. The documentation that came with the H1n describes how to find my device in LE, etc.
Since I have Elements, not LE, can’t see how to get any use from the software.

You read it wrong. Absolutely nothing wrong with your install. Just use it.