Cubase LE loaded on iPad and PC at the same time

I just purchased the Zoom G6 and got a free license of Cubase LE. I use both a PC and an iPad I take to gigs. My question is can I download it to both devices but only use one at a time? I read something about having a licenser app and wanted to know if I would need that (or some other license transfer utility).

Cubase does not run on the iPad; it is Windows and macOS only. There is an app called Cubasis that works on the iPad, iPhone and Android devices, though this is separately licenced to Cubase.


@David_W is correct.

Cubase LE 13 (for Mac and Widnows) is using the new Steinberg Licensing System. This means, you can use it on up to 3 computers at the same time. Cubase LE 11 (and older) was using Soft-eLicenser and you were able to use it at 1 system only at the given time. But you can update to the latest Cubase LE 13 for free.

Cubasis (for iOS and Android) is using common iOS/Android licensing system. So if you share you applications with other family members, you can install the application to multiple devices.

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Thanks All!!