Cubase LE on Windows 7

i bought a phonic mixer that came bungled with cubase LE1,my pc is windows 7 ,64bit.
Am i right in thinking cubase LE will not run on a 64 bit system?
If not,then i am thinking about buying cubase elements7,is this compatible with a windows 64 bit system?
I would also like to know if,i will be able to add other vsti and vst fx to cubase elents 7 like i have done with my old version of cubase vst5 on my old pc?
Am having to choose elements as its more in my price range at the moment.
Any advice and answers would be really helpfull and appreciated.

It will probably not run on windows 7, at all, no matter if 32 bit or 64 bit.



What makes you think it will not run on W7? I honestly don’t have any information on LE but It seems crazy to think it would not run on Win7.
What do the system requirements say? Even if it says Win8 only, I would install it anyway. It will probably work perfectly fine but just won’t be officially supported.

The fact that it is roughly 10 or 15 years old, and the fact, that (IIRC) versions like SX 3 that are not that old will not even install on W7 without some workarounds.
Apart from that I´m not saying it will not run, but it will probably not run, just like you are saying, it will probably run

i downloaded the .pdf manual for LE1,it says in the getting started manual,“To use Cubase LE you will need the following-a pc with either Windows XP or 2000 installed.”
What workarounds are there to get it to work under windows 7?
have found updated win 7 drivers for the phonic firewire mixer,the m-audio oxygen 8 v2.
just having problems finding win 7 driver for the focusrite Saffire 6 usb soundcard.
Not actually tried to get anything up and running at the mo,am going to try this weekend.
The pc i got is a dual core pentium 2.5ghz with 2gb RAM,need to get more /RAM thats for sure.
Is there no option to upgrade to a later version of LE that would work with windows 7?

Windows 7 has “compatibility modes” which may be able to make it work. I can’t provide any specific help, but I have seen cases where older software (that doesn’t run under the normal mode) runs when using a compatibility mode.

do you mean something like this?heres the link

Yes. I have never had to use it but I have heard of cases where it has fulfilled it’s purpose.
Backward compatibility is one area where I think Windows has done better than Apple OS.
I hope you can get it to work.

installed LE and it ran but with massive latencey.
i downloaded the usb 2 drivers for thethe focusrite saphire card,they installed and i got sound by connecting it to my amp,there is supposed to be software for the card that allows you to choose routing options but couldn’t see or find that.
the phonic mixer just kept asking me to reconnect and turn power back on which i did several times,nothing happened,no sign of life from the mixer.
i downloaded the vitual machine software as in the above link i posted but i am totally stumped at how to use it.
Nothing like what is described in the page happened when i was installing anything.
looks like its back to using the old pc with cubase vst,i may try and fit the firewire card for the phonic mixer into that pc and see if it works with that.
Why does everything have to be so complicated?May have to return the soundcard to the guy i got it from off ebay and get my money back.
I emailed focusrite about not having an installation disc but still waiting on a reply with it being weekend,if they can’t help sort the soundcard installation software then it will have to go back.
feel like i have wasted a bunch of money which is in short supply at the mo,sorry for the rant!
if anyone knows a way to sort this please chip in,it’d be well appreciated.
one more thing,after installing LE,filling out the registration i just get an error message when i click to register it.
“Windows cannot find:\documentation\steinberg Registration.pdf.Make sure you typed the name correctly,and then try again.”


You actually don’t need the original DVD Installer for the Interface, you can always download the most up to date installers from their support section.
Some companies even have the previous installers available.
You don’t need to register Cubase LE as it is not supported anymore.

I will move this thread to another forum, perhaps other users can provide more useful information there.

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got the phonic helix mixer working on cubase vst but it doesn’t show up in vst inputs,still works but without the options to be able to route vst channels out to the mixer via firwire.
jeez,i now have cubase vst,sx1 and LE1.i might uninstall vst and install sx1 on the older machine.
could i not then link the old pc running sx1 to LE1 on the new win7 pc?
just an idea.
last time i installed sx onto the old pc without uninstalling cubase vst5.1 it worked the first time i booted up.
the next time i booted up the pc with sx on it just made a kind of white noise hiss so i uninstalled and just carried on back with vst5.1.
gone a bit off the original topic i know but,being on a very limited budget and not wanting to use dodgey pirated software that crashes every 5 minutes i just started to think about trying to get sx1 working again,maybe the noise can be sorted out with some kind of work around or fix?
i also have loads of freeware vst plugin instruments and fx that would work in sx wouldn’t they?they wouldn’t work in cubase LE!.
The review of the phonic helix 12 mk2 firewire mixer was reviewed on sos using cubase sx running on a xp based system i think.
just an idea,willing to try something out without having to spend loads more money.the only thing i really need to do is buy more RAM for the older pc.

missed out on the ebay auction for cubase essentials 7,so now i might have to try and get an earlier version on auction at ebay.
its essentials 4.
will this work on a win 7 64bit system?
the pc with windows 7 is a dual core 2.4ghz,will this be good enough to run cubase 4 essentials?
i’d also need to upgrade Reason as i use that rewired to cubase,and more RAM.

in fact,can someone tell me which versions of cubase would work on my windows 7,64 bit pc running a dual core 2.4ghz intel proccessor please?
then i’d at least know what to look for on ebay or other such sites.
be gratefull for some input please.
thanks for the help so far.

how do i contact steinberg?i’d like to ask them the above question about what i could run on a pc with win 7 intel 2.4ghz dual processor.


All that information is on our knowledge base:

If you wan to contact the support you have to send a Support Request Form from your MySteinberg account.

It is not supported but it might work if you run it in compatibility mode.

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thanks for the answer GN,will contact via the support request form as suggested.