Cubase le puzzle for noob

How do i alter the vertical size of the mixer window in my copy of Cubase LE .It doesn’t respond when i try.I can alter its horizontal size.
I have seen an Le tutorial where the mixer window is smaller vertically.At the moment it takes up about 2/3rds of my main work area leaving not much room for the tracks.


You cannot Zoom Vertically the way, you would probably expect. You can resize the faders part by dragging and you car resize “the text” in fact by the Zoom Vertically.

Thanks for replying Martin.
Just to be clear on the subject. Is it not possible to change the height of the lower zone because LE has reduced functionality?
I have tried to illustrate with images but it says i cant add media or links. Rather frustrating.


Sorry, I didn’t know, you are talking about the Lower Zone… You can change the hight of the Lower Zone, but not by using Key Command. Just click to the divider (black space in-between) of the zones and move it up. That’s it.

Thanks once again Martin. What i am trying to do is make the lower zone smaller in height rather than make it larger :blush:
Have you any idea why i cant post an image to this thread.
Other posts and threads contain images posted by users? i have been trying with normal .png images from my computer and from a web host with no luck.


New forum members are not allowed to attach anything or post a links, here on the forum. Sorry.

So is it not possible to make the lower zone smaller then? At present it takes up 2/3rds of the cubase work area. Though in the Cubase Le tutorial it only takes up 1/3, leading me to believe it is possible to resize its height downwards. I can make it larger by as you say adjusting the divider up but not down. Still very confused.

I have only been on the forum for about 10 days and would like to post an image to illustrate my problem /inquiry but understand newcomers are denied this privilege.
So i would like to know when i will be allowed to do this.

You currently have upload privileges. (they were changed for you) Have you tried again?


It depends on your screen-resolution.

See attached video, (2.2 MB)

Thanks both for the speedy replies, very much appreciated.
The video you sent although shows the lower zone window being reduced in size better than i am experiencing on my win 10 laptop(first image shown) doesn’t reduce as much as the one illustrated in the Cubase LE tutorial ( second image shown).
I was always aware of how i could grab the edge of the box and adjust in this way. Intuitively it was the first thing i tried but infuriatingly i cant reduce it any more than is shown in the first image i have included.I take your point Martin that it may be connected to resolution settings though when everything else works like a dream it seems odd this one element proves to misbehave. :cry:


What screen-resolution do you use, please?

defaults to 1366 X 768
also tried 1360 X 768
and 1280 x 768 (there is a slight improvement in size)
but still unable to achieve the ratio of zone size displayed in image 2


The hight of 768 pixels is really minimum. You would night higher resolution to be able to achieve the ratio of the image 2. The Lower Zone minimal height is restricted by exact/fixed pixels count (I don’t know the number). SO if your screen doesn’t have enough pixels in this direction, you just can’t get the ratio.

What a pity. Ok Thanks for your help on this issue Martin. :+1: