Cubase LE - Where can I find it?

Hi, I posted this on the hardware section but didn’t get any takers. Thought I’d give it a try here. I am just about to buy a little Netbook. Mainly for email and web stuff on the move etc but want to have a little of my DAW arsenal with me if I can. It’s only a cheap HP job with the following spec: Intel Atom N2800, Processor speed 2.13GHz., 1Gb DDR3 RAM, &320GB SATA hard drive.

I have Cubase 6 and Studio 4 and a Windows XP/2000 edition of LE. I would like to try and get the LE loaded on to the Netbook. Will it still work with Win 7? I know I can use Studio 4 on it but I didn’t want to use/loose my dongle therefore I thought LE would do the job and be more mobile. Alternatively is there a free/cheap LE version out there that will do the trick. I was thinking for tweaking mixes on the go etc.

Anyone have any thoughts or sugestions?



You could either try to find the cheapest hardware device that comes bundled with a LE/AI version or …

You could buy Cubase Elements 6.

I have the Elements 6 trial installed on my laptop right now and it’s pretty nice. Of course it isn’t a netbook (2.4 C2D, 8 GB RAM, 7200RPM HDD).

I don’t know how your little netbook would respond to some Cubase action. A lot would depend on what type of projects you are running, I would think.

That 1 GB RAM spec is what would concern me the most. I keep a little Toshiba netbook at work to use as my jukebox and internet machine. The first thing I did was bought a 2 GB RAM kit for it. Definitely made a difference.

Hi and thanks for the responce. I’m going to go for it all the same given that it’s primary use will be web and email on the go. I figure that if I can get some of my music stuff on it then that will be a bonus.

I’ll let you know how it goes.