Cubase LE will not work in Windows 7

Cubase LE in Sony Vaio 64-bit computer (Intel Core i7) Windows 7 Ultimate will not work. I had to install it in this computer because the old one with Windows XP is out of date. Every time I try to start it, I get the error messege - “Cubase LE has stopped working”. Anyone who knows the solution?


What Cubase LE version is it, please?

It is “sold with hardware” - it came With the Zoom H4 Handy recorder I bought. It is a PC Version. It says Cubase LE - OEM on the CD-rom. Version 1.0.10. That’s all it says.


If it’s really Cubase LE1 (I have never seen it), then it’s very old one and I wouldn’t expect to be compatible with Windows 7.

My copy of Cubase would not work initially after windows 7 upgrade (v1.0.10). It would install, but no audio drivers would function, shown by a handful of error windows while opening. I went to -Downloads-unsupported products-Cubase LE 1. Downloaded the Cubase LE 1 update…BOOM! working Cubase LE…
Pssshew…Thought I was gonna have to spend some $$…

Thanks gtttrr! Maybe I should try that. Do you have a link to the Cubase LE 1 update ? I have tried to find it, but cannot say I have managed to find it.

Just upgraded to Windows 10, seems a bit more glitchy,but it still works! when workin on a project…“save early, save often”

Sorry reply took so long, I only get on when I have issues, more of a player than a recording genius… :slight_smile: