Gidday, I’ve been using Cubase LE1 for 6 years and have recently upgraded my PC which is running Windows 7. My old PC had Vista and it was fine. I have loaded it on and tried to use it but now come to the realisation that perhaps it’s not compatible. I’ve checked the obvious “Properties/Compatibility” options and have also upgraded to LE but with no luck. Has anyone out there been able to get LE1 to work on Windows 7…??? Are there any other upgrades available that may help??

LE1 does not work on 64bit operating systems (eg Win7).
Your only options I’m afraid are

  1. Contact the manufacturer of your hardware as plead with them for an LE4 or LE5 disk (has been known to happen).
  2. Buy a cheap interface with an LE4/LE5 disc
  3. Buy something like Cubase Essentials outright.

Thanks. I may have a look at Cubase Essential.