Cubase LE4/AI4 under Windows 7 64-bit


is Cubase LE4 or Cubase AI4 fully compatible with OS Windows 7 64-bit? I don’t have it yet, but I get it soon (of course only if it’s compatible with my OS).

And please, is there any difference between LE and AI version? (yes, one is Yamaha only, but anything else?)


There’s a feature comp chart in the Knowledge Base.

I want to buy an update to Cubase 6 with 64-bit mode, since I have Windows 7 64-bit with 16 GB ram. Today I have LE4 (32-bit, LE4 do not support 64-bit). Will that work? Or, will I just get a Cubase 6 in 32-bit mode?

C6 will come with both versions on the disk.

Yes, I know that Cubase 6 have that option.

The question is: if upgrading to Cubase 6, with an earlier 32-bit mode (I suppose I have to install LE4 first), is it then possible to choose between 32-bit or, as I want, 64-bit? If it is so, then the case is closed and I´m happy. :smiley:

(A thinkable scenario is to sit with a Cubase 6 in 32-bit mode, if LM4 force it to be 32-bit. And maybe Steinberg indicates that since “thanks to VST Bridge technology from Steinberg, which allows 32-bit VST plug-ins to run in a 64-bit host environment”. In theory, it seems possible to run Cubase 6 in 32-bit mode while having a 64-bit OS, and a “hey, it still works dude” will not make me happy …)

You don’t need to install LE first. You can choose which C6 you want, it’s a fresh install. The bit bridge has issues with some 3rd party plugs, J-Bridge is a workaround. Not sure if C6 will come with a dongle, you may have to purchase seperately.

Thank You! I did not knew that even the upgrade versions comes as full versions.

Now I will be a happy buyer of “Cubase 6 upgrade; from Cubase Essential 4/5, Cubase Elements 6, Sequel 3, Sequel 2, Cubase SL 1/2/3, Cubase SX 1/2/3, Cubase SE 3, Studio Case 2, Cubase LE4/5/6, Cubase AI 4/5/6”

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: