Cubase LE4 / Essentials 5

Hi All,
This is my first message on the forum.
Can anyone advise me on a reasonable Midi keyboard controller that will be compatible with my Cubase LE4, and also Cubase 5 Essentials (I have in mind to upgrade to Essentials 5) Also some advice on the upgrade ie, is it worth going from LE4 to essentials 5.
Thanks, in anticipation for any advice.

Any midi or Midi over USB controller will work with cubase regardless of make, there are some controllers from yamaha that have extra cubase oriented function controls (KX series), but frankly they are not too hot.

Choose a keyboard controller depending on what you need and want (weighted/un-weighted keys, size of keys other functions etc) and do not worry, they will all work with cubase, even my 1983 synths (first year of MIDI) work just fine.

As for the upgrade to essential, there is a huge difference and it is certainly worthwhile in the long run but LE/AI4 is still excellent as a learning tool, if you gave us more info on what you use/intend to use it for we could give you a better answer.

I also have LE4 and fins it a great software, I actually using it for recording a whole album and then getting it mixed. Not sure what the difference is from LE4 to 5 though, so far I haven’t come across anything that affects my recording project in that an upgrade is needed to 5, but I could be wrong…