Cubase LE4 midi

So I bought Sonik Synth 2 for Cubase LE 4. It has 16 available tracks for midi instruments. I have added a MIDI instrument track, but it only applies to channel 1. Why cant Cubase LE 4 let you add MIDI channels and somehow link them to the instrument track. I have read the manual and just cannot get it to work. I have had to use old Cubase LE to do the job and thats pretty bad looking for Cubase LE 4.

Are you using Midi tracks or Instrument tracks??

In LE4 (lite edition) you have a total of 8 Instrument tracks for addressing virtual instruments such as Sonic Synth.
If you need more than that you have no option but to upgrade to the full blown versions of Cubase- unless you’ve got LE1 with the full 16 Midi tracks that can address whatever it wants to.

Midi tracks in LE4 are used for external hardware, whereas in LE1 they can address either external hardware or VST instruments.