Cubase LE4 On a Computer With No Internet?

I bought an Alesis MultiMix USB 2.0 a couple years ago and it came with Cubase LE4. The computer I use to record music on does not have internet access. I installed the program some time ago when I purchased the program and it installed with no problems and I used it several times. I moved to a small apartment not long after that, so the computer sat unused for quite some time.

I recently set the computer back up, but when I attempted to open Cubase, I was prompted to register the program. Again, there is no internet access on this computer. I installed the program on the computer I am currently using and registered it. I have an eLicenser code and all of that good stuff now.

My question is how to I transfer the registration information to the computer without the internet access so I can open the program? I have a USB drive but I must be doing something wrong…

As my name states, I am a total n00b, so please be gentle.

With USB drive, you mean a Steinberg USB key…?
Otherwise you can´t transfer a soft e-license to a computer without internet connection.

I was hoping there was a way to do it without spending $30. :cry:

Connect your computer to the internet for 20 s activate, disconnect…

No modem.

Try a library or hotel with free WI-FI and purchase and activate the dongle so that you can use it without internet from then on. If you shop around a little it should only be $20-25.