Cubase LE4 Upgrade

Can I upgrade from Cubase LE4 to Cubase Elements 6 at the discounted price?

Can I upgrade from Cubase LE4 to Cubase Elements 6 at the discounted price?

Did you find an update package from LE 4 to 6? If so then obviously you can…

When I looked it didn’t have that upgrade option.

No upgrade from LE 4 to Elements 6 that I can see. I think it’s one of those deals like me not being able to “upgrade” to Artist 6 from Studio 5. That would be considered a “downgrade” *. Take a look at the feature comparisons.

If I were you I’d bite the bullet and upgrade to Artist 6 while you can for a discount as it seems the upgrade cycle historically has gone back two product versions.

Of course you will also have to factor in the purchase of a USB eLicenser if you don’t already own one which would bring the cost up to nearly the same price as buying Artist 6 outright. Your call …


  • This statement may or may not be true and is not intended to twist anyone’s panties

No you can upgrade to Elements 6 from LE and AI, but only from version 6, as you said he can get a discount on upgrading to Artist or full version from LE versions 4 and later though.

The question was …

What does AI/LE 6 have to do with it? I never said you couldn’t upgrade from one of those versions.

Do you read your own posts ?

You are implying that the reason for the LE non-upgrade is the same as the reason for the non-downgrade availability of studio/artist, since you can upgrade from v6 that is clearly not the case, and since LE is the lowest common denominator it would newer downgrade to anything anyway

What is your problem? Would you like me to edit the line of my post that bothers you so badly? I was simply stating that as a possibility. Why are we even discussing this? The original question has been answered. I was just trying to figure out which part of my statement you were disagreeing with. Slow down, Turbo! :smiley: