Cubase LE4 visual C++ runtime error

A few months ago I was able to run the program without any problems. Now I can’t even start up Cubase LE4. Every time it gives me a Visual C++ runtime error. I’m using an older IBM think pad with 504MB RAM, 1.86 GHZ processor, windows XP SP2. I’ve run updates to windows and it still won’t work. I’d appreciate any help. Thanks!!

It’s possible that something has corrupted your installation of Cubase. Have you attempted a re-installation??

Therein lies the issue. :wink:

Yes i have tried to reinstall from the original disc. It still doesn’t work. Do you think if I uninstall most programs that aren’t used frequently that it may fix the problem? I think it stopped working after i tried using anvil studio as a MIDI sequencer, but I’ve since uninstalled that and cubase still doesn’t load. I’m a chorus teacher and this is the only computer that the school has for me to use (unfortunately). I’d really appreciate any further help since I use it for All state chorus auditions to record the kids audition cd’s.

I guess no one can offer me any help? Thanks anyway

ok well if this would help, I just installed it on another laptop and when I installed the drivers for the M-audio mobilepre usb interface and switched the device to that, It crashed with the same runtime error. c++ I will search for an updated driver from M-audio