Cubase LE4 vs 6.5

Obviously there is multiple of differences between the OEM version & lastest full version, but have they updated algorythms & recording quality etc?

Currently, aside from a few VST’s I’d like, LE4 is doing all I need it to. But, if there has been significant updates to the recording quality, I may be motivated to upgrade so i don’t spend hours recording on an inferior system.

Not saying I’m unhappy with LE4, just would like any opinions on whether the upgrade just brings more gadgets, or if is in a completely different league.

With higher versions of Cubase you can record audio at higher resolutions. Your version is probably limited to 16/24 bit and 44.1/48kHz, but your soundcard can also define your limitations. MIDI editing also becomes more streamlined as you climb the ladder.

As far as algorithms, there are more time stretching and hitpoint detecting algorithms in the higher version. Nonetheless, the recording capabilities of all Cubase versions are basically equivalent.

Thanks for that - just what I needed to know!