Cubase LE4 won't install and now LE10.5 won't either. :(

Hi everyone,
So I have changed the Mac in my studio. It is an Intel Core Duo running OS X 10.11.4. For some reason, the DVD for Cubase LE 4 and a bunch of whirring etc later, the disc ejects.
So when I got home from work today, I tried to load LE4 onto my laptop running 10.15.3.
The disc mounts but the program will not install. It begins but then throws an error. I have had several. I was able to modify distribution.dist to avoid the 10.4 error message.I now just get a message that says theCubase can not load. Contact your dealer for assistance.
I have also tried to copy the disc contents to the iMac that won’t load the DVD via an older machine which will open the disc. The first time I tried this and attempted to Install, I got an error message regarding Javascript.
Is anyone able to assist?
I have also tried copying the content of the DVD onto my studio iMac and that does not work either.
I suppose if I can’t get it worked out, I’ll just junk the program. I have downloaded Reaper and will move to that.

The only reason that I am trying to load LE 4 again is to take advantage of the offer to upgrade to LE 10.5



You don’t have to install Cubase LE 4 to be able to activate it and activate the upgrade to LE 10.5. Cubase LE4 is not compatible with current macOS 10.15.

Actually I’m not sure if Cubase LE 4 was 64-bit already on Mac. If not, then you have no chance to install it all on macOS 10.15.

If you want to try to install Cubase LE4 anyway, you can try to use Steinberg Application Installer Tool for Mac OS X.

Thanks for that Martin.
I was able to download and install the new eLicenser software and I have only just reread the email from Steinberg that says you can load LE 10.5 irrespective of whether you have Cubase installed or not.
I will give that a go later.

Hi Martin,
Well I downloaded LE 10.5.12. Went to install it and now I get a message saying 'This version of the software can only loaded on machines running 10.12 as a minimum,
The MAC I took from or study and moved up with my keyboards is only running 10.11.4
I’m stuffed aren’t I?


Use Steinberg Application Installer Tool for Mac OS X, please.

Hi Martin,
I actually tried that before my post above. I tried it before opening the DMG file and after opening so that I could see the PKG file in it’s window. Neither way worked.
The Tool keeps saying that it cannot find any Steinberg software and only gives me the option to Quit.
I also tried to see if I could view the Package Contents to possibly modify the distribution.dist file but I don’t get the menu option to Show Package Contents?
I am at a bit of a loss actually as to what to do?

I actually just dug into the Installer Tools list of installers that it looks for when it runs and the 10.5 installer is not in the file?

Well I have tried everything again that I can and I can’t get ahywhere. So I think I am going to give up.
I also tried downloading Cubase LE 10.5 onto my new iMac and using a soft licenser in the iMac. When I tried to activate the license to get things going, the installer said that I have to have an already licensed copy of LE to upgrade from, so it doesn’t look like it is a standalone 10.5
Reaper, here I come.


If you have activated your Cubase on other system, you have to reactivate it to the new one. The Activation Code is used only once at the very beginning to activate the license.