Cubase LE5 + AmpliTube - Wah effect


I need the type of thing …

I have a mono recording bass line (one track) and I would like to use it efetkt through AmpliTube - namely Wah effect …

But I do not want to give the effect of a virtual “AUTO” … but I want it during the recording of the lines changed manually mouse …

going to do something that I run the track and that I will twist themselves according to the wah manual and will it save me?

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Sorry for my English :wink:

If I recall correctly, in Amplitube, the wah pedal’s switch is continuous, meaning you can use your mouse to smoothly adjust the filter during song play.

Now in Amplitube, you have to do a little xtra setup in order to automate it, each control needs to be CC enabled within the program, I believe.