cubase le5 and ezdrummer recording issues !! solved !!!

Hello, i am having some trouble. i can’t record ezdrummer. i can hear it,jam with it while i record my guitar parts,but it only shows a straight line and not a wave pattern.when i play back the track ezd is not there. i’ve tried creating multiple tracks to match ezd…and that didn’t work. i tried to create groups to match ezd…but i don’t know how to sync them. there are videos on u tube that show you how to do it…but it’s a full version of cubase, so everything is there.le5 is a stripped down version and does not have the same mixer as cubase5. i would like to know if it’s possible to be able to record ezd on it’s own track or tracks in le5.

Have you tried just doing an audio export?

i just tried and it did not work. it shows each individual file ( snare,tom etc) it won’t export the whole package. i don’t know what else to do !!

Can you explain exactly what you did.

i set up my basic tracks,set the busses,then i go to project-add track-instruement-ezdrummer.then i went to file-export-audio-- i go to my toontrack folder,open it, i go to ezd-and there are folders(ezd help,sounds,midi,ezxcoctail) each has sub-folders i chose pop/rock then there’s only code and it does not open. that’s what i did,step for step.

Do you have MIDI info on your instrument track?

I’m a bit confused. Are you using the Toontrack grooves (MIDI patterns)? Are you dragging them onto your instrument track to create your drum part?

Once you have done that, you can solo that track and do an audio mixdown export of your main stereo out. Make sure your locators are set to the area you wish to export. You can select in the audio mixdown dialogue to import that file back into your project.

You shouldn’t need to get into any Toontrack folders.

yes, i am trying to record the midi patterns. ezd is stored in the instrument catagory along with halion,i tried to drag ezd onto another track,that doesn’t work. i’m gonna fiddle with it some more!!!

How are you listening to what EZdrummer is playing currently? Are you just playing the grooves from within the plugin GUI?

i;m trying to record the preset grooves,and ezdrummer is loaded into cubase le5, that’s how i’m listening to it. i don’t understand how it’s possible to do an audio export as SPLIT asked.that’s why in my 2nd and 3rd posts i described what i did.i’m unable to drag and drop with ezdrummer cause i don’t have the ezplayer…which has that feature.i’m gonna try toontrack solo and see if i can save the preset grooves,the add them to my tracks in cubase. thanks for the help so far mr.pickens… cheers

You should be able to drag & drop the grooves directly from the EZdrummer interface onto your instrument track. You don’t need the EZplayer or Toontrack Solo.

If this isn’t possible, there must be something else going on.

Are you running Cubase “as administrator”? Here are a couple of threads I found that mention it …

So far, so good.

Right. That’s because you need MIDI info on your instrument track triggering EZdrummer which produces the audio to be exported. Unfortunately, you seem to not be able to drop the MIDI files (grooves) from EZdrummer to create your drum track.

I’d check out the running as administrator deal first. If all else fails you could try trashing your preferences …

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No problem. You’ll get it figured out. :sunglasses: