Cubase LE5 crashing computer when Cubase loads {Solved}

I just got the Cubase LE5 software with my new Zoom G9.2tt pedal. I installed the Cubase software and the ECC and activated the software, registered the pedal and installed the zoom driver for the pedal. When I go to open Cubase it bring up the Cubase startup screen (splash screen maybe? Not sure what it’s called) it starts to load then everything goes blank. Screen goes blank, commands from the keyboard don’t do anything. I have to hit the reset button on the computer.

I’ve removed and reinstalled Cubase and still the same thing.

{Edit} The problem was my sound card in my laptop. When I use the G9 pedal as the card everything works.

A little more info on the issue. It crashes at/after initializing “SSE optimized audio”

Try trashing Prefs.

I did that a few times. First time I did Cubase opened, then crashed as I was closing the program. Restarted computer and tried to open Cubase again, wouldn’t open. Trashed the files again, tried to opwn but would stop at the last or second to last thing it initializes.
Trashed the files again and it’s back to crashing at the “SSE optimized audio” again.

What soundcard are you using?

It’s a Realtek HD audio card that’s in the laptop. (I can’t find anymore info on it) When I plug the G9.2tt it’s USB interface becomes the sound card.