Cubase LE5 freezes when loading 'Studio Manager'

Cubase LE5 Ver:

Been using this for about a year with an older Dell XP 32 bt laptop with no problems (apart from it not always being powerful enough). Recently got a newer laptop (see signiture). Installed LE5 on it, but it wont ever open properly. Cubase icon/splash/loading screen appears, messages at bottom say various things are initializing, then when it gets to “Studio Manager” it always freezes/hangs.

Have tried running in compat mode XP SP2 and 3, have tried numerous uninstalls and reinstalls, again using compat modes. Also with amin priveledges enabled. No success.

Now I’m stuck with a newer laptop, have moved LE5 licensing over, but cant use it.

I noticed here someone has same problem (though not with LE):

They seem to have got a patch to fix it - but I cant find same sort of patch for LE5.

Any ideas? Thanks

This is getting frustrating. Before posting here, on 18/07/2013 I sent a support request to Steinberg. I got an automated reply that said:

“a reply can take longer than 48 hours”

No kidding! Its been a week so far with no reply.

I assume its the same problem as Cubase AI 5, for which there is a patch:

"installer fixes a problem in previous 5.1.1 installations which can cause Cubase AI 5 to freeze while initialising “Studio Manager” during start-up.

Compared to the original 5.1.1 patcher only the installer and the VST3 plug-in set has been changed"

Exactly the same problem as I have with LE. So maybe I need a change to VST3 plug-in set. Cant see a way of downloading an updated set though.

Might as well post another reply to myself, just in case someone out there reads and replies!

Have tried removing the vst plugins from vst plugin folder, so it has none to load. Still freezes when initializing studio manager. So maybe it isn’t th vst plugins causing the freeze?

Tried downloading and installing the Yamaha 64bit studio manager:

In case its the same one as addon in Cubase. Didn’t make any difference. Though, I didn’t know how to uninstall the studio manager that’s in with Cubase LE 5. Anyone know how to either: uninstall it, or install Cubase LE5 without studio manager?

Still no reply to my support request from Steinberg. Was thinking about upgrading to Cubase artist 7 before I had this problem. Not so sure now, support seems pretty poor.

Been looking at alternatives. Always thought as Steinberg as “the” DAW of preference. Looking elsewhere though, there are loads available, some at competitive prices too!

Any experience with these? Why is Cubase/Steinberg any better?{keyword}&source={ifpla:pla}{ifpe:pe}&gclid=CJLF67aUzbgCFfMdtAodbBUA9g

Reaper seems to have good reviews, and a really good price for personal use or business use with revenue under $20,000 ($60!)

Maybe its just as well Steinberg customer services are rubbish, I would have never looked elsewhere :slight_smile:

Any comments on why Cubase is better, would be readily considered though.

Had a play with reaper. Don’t really want to start learning how to do everything on another system though. Was noticeable latency too, perhaps not the fault of reaper though.

Wish Steinberg weren’t so rubbish, I checked and Cubase 5 products are still “supported” by customer support. Could have fooled me. Get pretty angry now - over a week and no response at all to my support request. Not even to say ‘we don’t know, give us more detail’ - just nothing at all! :angry:

whats happened to the Cubase archive forum? The link I sent in the first post doesn’t work anymore - so I cant go back and check other info in that forum!

By Jove this is an old post !!!

I imagine that the problem you encountered is now resolved, or that you binned Cubase and tried something else ?

Notwithstanding, I am experiencing exactly the same problem, but with Cubase Elements V 10.5.20.

I open the programme from the task bar icon and the grey Cubase window appears with various happenings being indicated along the lower edge, until it reaches “Initialising Studio Manager”, at which point it sits for quite some time.

Sometimes it may be hanging for 15 or 20 seconds, other times I give up waiting and use ctrl/alt/del to end the darn thing, before trying again.

I have found this programme to be frustrating, with many little foibles that require ‘special’ attention, but this problem is really annoying.

It has only started happening over the last few days, since a large dollop (tech IT jargon) of Windows 10 automatic updates arrived and installed themselves.

I was just wondering if other folk had similar problems, but obviously not, as this is the only thread I can find relating to this issue.

If anybody could offer any advice, apart from binning the programme, I would be eternally grateful !

Well, today 10 Nov 2020 I experience the same problem with Cubase Pro 10.5.2:
Freeze in Initializing Studio Manager. Please, any solution?
Monty Zoomer, could you solve?
Thank you!
Windows 10 Pro 2020H2

A bit of a rant here… As in July 2013 and november 2020, Studio Manager freeze on starting up 2021 Cubase Pro 11 on my brand new 2T SSD-32G ram Asus Proart Studiobook pro 17 laptop with Windows Pro 10 installed… Device Manager refuse to stop Cubase, my laptop refuse to shut down (had to do it manualy), had to reopen Cubase as administrator and disable the Preferences before opening it.

2013 to 2021… Steinberg, why? Why are we still facing this kind of problem today? WHY?

Wow, this thread has been revived! Didn’t notice as the emails were going to junk folder.

Unfortunately I didn’t resolve the problem. I moved from LE to Artist and didn’t get the issue again. Now on Cubase Pro 10 (on a newer PC).

These recent posts indicate it can still be a problem though… hope I don’t see it again!