Cubase Le5 Guitar help

Ok i recently got a tascam us-122mkii which came with cubase le5. I have been using it to record guitar but I can’t seem to figure out how to add distortion to the guitar. I have gone into audio and I only found some audio effects and i have ran my guitar through an effects pedal and then into the tascam but the sound comes out horrible. So please someone tell me how to add distortion in Cubase Le5.

There should be an insert effect for distortion, and also the vst ampsim. Not sure which of these are available in Le5 though.

I suggest you look into purchasing a dedicated guiter amp simulator such as Amplitude. The stock VST’s in LE aren’t much good for distorted guitar.

oh so there isnt’t an option in cubase le5? Is there any free alternatives?

I imagine the standard Distortion plugin comes with Le5 but you’d have to check. On the audio track containing your recorded guitar, click inserts and add the distortion plugin that should be somewhere in the dropdown menu. Like celtsound said though, it isn’t all that great sounding. I have no experience using other plugins, but there are most likely numerous other free distortion plugins. If they’re any better is another question though.

Type in “free vst amp simulators” into google!!!

Basic first step approach :laughing:

hellaiser798: Are you getting a clean signal in cubase Le5 before
you start adding Distortion to signls such as a Guitar :question:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Ps: I Love the VST AMP RACK in Cubase 6.
Also my little Line 6 Pocket Pod is cool for $125.00. :sunglasses:
Cool amp and speaker simulations and Distortions in both. :sunglasses:

PPS: In Cubase Le4 there is DaTube with 13 presets.
Try em out. Yea there is the Distortion in Cubase Le4
with some presets. :wink:

Yes the VST amprack in cubase 6 is great, the ampsim in cubase 5 (maybe earlier versions too) is not quite as versatile but will do the job.

Thanks so much i found it now. :smiley: