Cubase LE5 & Multiple Proteus VX Instruments


I’m a Cubase newbie gone thru the Getting Started now going page by page thru the OM (Op-Manual). Note: This problem does not exist for any premium version of Cubase…just the limited, OEMs, etc.

:confused: Q1)How does one insert a Program Change to route a MIDI track thru Proteus VX without creating multiple instances of Proteus VX? The obvious MSB/Prog Chg fields on the track will not access the instruments of ProtVX unless I choose to open a another instance of the VSTi.

Q2) Or, am I missing where to find the correct Program Change of ProtVX? It’s sound banks are straight forward as to their MSB:LSB. But I’m not sure of the “change” numbers. (I assumed “1” cause the “Pxxx” numbers R too large.)

CLE5’s, Getting Started Manual merely tells what the Key Editor does and H2 edit Velocity or “see” CCs (continuous controllers). But- change & save the CCs does not save as the Velocity edit does. Program Change merely shadows my mouse overs in this editor.

List Editor is not even mentioned in the Getting Started of CLE5. And the Menu Reference merely tell what these MIDI editors can do- not how to do them.

I ran searches thru this Forum & only found 2 references to ProtVX. Neither involved using Cubase LE BTW, using Prog Chg in Cubase LE is ProteusVX 's method to use multiple instruments via 1 instance for Cubase LE via it’s tutorial.

Any help or ideas is greatly appreciated. Thanks! :blush:

LE4 & 5 don’t have the VST Instrument Rack so Instrument tracks are all that’s available for VSTi’s. Inst. tracks are limited to a single stereo out so an instance of the VSTi for every desired sound is required.

Hi & thanks for your fast response. EMU (Proteus VX OEM) verifies what you wrote on the single instance. What created my question is in the EMU User Man, on page 16 the last 2 paragraphs, they offer a work-around solution. That solution is to use Program Changes in Cubase via Key Editor, List Editor, or Inser Program Change.

I’ll include a link to a partial screen print of the paragraph for you or anyone to take a look. Perhaps, I can’t try out the work-around because, in Cubase, I don’t know how to do what they are suggesting. :blush:

BTW, sorry for my previous mistaken, incomplete post.

Also, my PC is about to begin it’s all night defrag of 3 Hdds and backups so, I’ll have to check back tomorrow. Thanks again to 1 & all for ideas or info.

They are saying if when you have created an instrument track you can insert program change data to swap the patch.

To do this select the instrument track and click on list editor to open up the list editor, from there you can insert a program change at the point you would like to change the sound.

This will not get around the fact that you will only be able to play one instrument at a time per instrument track.

Hi & thanks for your answering. I think we R saying similar things. That is, 1 Instrument per Track. The Proteous OM did say, “more than 1 VX in a song”. My issue is: 1) 1 PVX instance & instr to a Trck and add’l track(s) can play a PVX preset via Program Chgs; or 2) 1 PVX instance & Instr to a Trck and can change the PVX preset at some point on the same track only.

If it’s #1, then, I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to create a 2nd “Instrument Track” or MIDI Track that plays thru the PVX alternate Preset . (See a pic of my Track layout for #1 at

If it’s #2, then, that’s not even of interest to me as my purpose was to emulate what I was able to do with an entry level DAW (PG Music’s PowerTracks Win Pro v2010). It was very simple there & allowed me to make use of up to 8 PVX Presets over 8 separate Tracks simultaneously.

(Note: I had to use “MIDI yoke” virtual port bridges cause PTW will lock while running PVX directly.)

I assumed such a thing, in a low-end product like PTW, would be easily duplicated in something as advanced as Cubase…and it is in the Full Production version but- not in the LE(s). :cry:

Any ideas? Anyone?

Upgrade to the full version.

Im not sure if this is possible, but the instrument being mult-timbrel it should be feasible to play various sounds/instruments on the one instrument track by changing the note midi channel value and having the instrument midi out set to any!!!

Yep! That was my thinking too. I guess, I’ll just have to be satisfied with using the HalionOne voices until I can either afford the Full Version of Cubase or an external Synth player to attach to my Audio Interface which Cubase can record each input from and to separate tracks.

It’s all about the Benjamin’s man. I’m a starving, wanna-B songwriter! :wink: 98% of my music composition is Sound Synths. I just spent $600 for a ProKeys88 for better MIDI control along with more piano abilities (was using my wife’s Yamaha YPT300).

I bought my Tascam 1800 USB Audio Interface, primarily for the Bundled Cubase LE5. ($300 bucks down now!) I was very happy with my EMU 1212M PCI Sound Card w/ PatchMix DSP. :unamused: Live & learn I guess.

Yeah but all the midi will need to come from the one instrument track, not separate tracks. You would need to merge the other midi track onto the instrument track.

Yes. :bulb: It appears in LE, that is the case. Another solution (tedious though). After I record a desired Instrument track, render it to audio, mute the old Instrument Track, then, I can monitor the Audio as I record the next MIDI Instrument track (different preset)…etc.

This will allow me to use LE similar as I did the Entry Level DAW. Just more work to do so. Experience taught me sometimes there develops a Sync difference between the MIDI & it’s rendered Audio (in other DAWs- never had this in Cubase).