Cubase LE5 not recognizing Alesis Multimix 8

this has been an embarrasing nightmare for me. i will do my best not to swear or go ballistic.

so i installed cubase and i cannot get any signal in to record. i can get cubase le5 to find my laptop mic signal but i cannot get it to recognize my alesis multimix 8 and sm58 i have plugged in to it. signal from the mic to alesis is fine. i went to device setup and i cannot find alesis or any asio input device other than some defaults. i had this working several months ago but my laptop crashed (thanks porn!) and now with this fresh install it wont work. it took a long time to type this because i really want to smash something. very very very badly. i assume its a quick fix but it has already been such an embarrassment that i will look for other software to use even after i get it going. i already tried uninstalling and reinstalling. i tried installing alesis driver updates or something and they read error 5. i hate cubase. thats by far the nicest thing i can say at this point. im surpised i didnt need to buy or download an e liscense to post in the forums. F.P.o.S.

tried installing alesis drivers again and it reads error timeout 0x0005. man this is soooo bad. ive become the biggest pro tools fan just trying to install and get cubase to work. i mean i am pro tools for life after this.

Because clearly Cubase is at fault here… :unamused:
Anyway, this being Alesis I doubt they have a dedicated ASIO driver. Download and install ASIO4All, set up your alesis in and outputs in there and select ASIO4All as your driver in Cubase and report back.

im in the uninstall reinstall phase. man i love this e-liscenser crap. good god this makes suicide look enjoyable. i dont even know what in doing and i barely care to bother anymore. do i even need to e-liscense again? im pretty good with computers and software but steinberg throws me through a loop with all this registration permanent liscense crap. if anyone knows another software that will work with my alesis multimix8 im more than happy to use it as long as its not anything by steinberg. i cant even put cubase on my desktop because my desktop doesnt go online. great! thanks steinberg.

anyway ill be back when i get the eliscenser thing done. this is o irritating im not sure when im going to bother. i have many important things to do and all of them seem to get done quicker than dealing with steinbergs cubase. FPoS

so yeah give me some suggestions of non steinberg software. i cant take this eliscenser shit every time i need to reinstall. ive got people coming over to record and im spending 40 minutes eliscensing and activating and going in circles and its ruining everything. people are getting pissed off at me and im looking like a fool. what if during filming something happens to the laptop and we have to reinstall cubase? the actors arent going to wait for me and my sound guy to piss around with this registration shit. they are going to get mad and go home or possibly quit!

steinberg you cant think of a better way to set up registration without eliscensing? are you kidding me?

Transfer the licence to this>

Why are you using LE5 if such important things as you mention rely on it?

Why are you having to reinstall all the time?

so i figured it out. i had a big reply but when i posted it steinberg made me re-sign in to its site and the posting was deleted. what a fucking piece of shit. FPos. is steinbergs slogan ‘like a rash on your ass’ cuz it should be