Cubase LE5 OEM Version serial lost

Hello everyone,

I had purchased some years ago a sound-card (Tascam US-144MK2) that had the Cubase LE5 software bundle. Since I was using a different DAW at the time I never used Cubase. Fast forward to today, I tried to install Cubase LE but unfortunately I realised that I’ve lost all related documents probably also the ones containing the serial.

Is there any way to resolve this issue and use Cubase LE or should I just let it go?

Hi and welcome,

I can imagine only 3 solutions:
A) Ask the Tascam seller.
B) Ask your local Steinberg dealer/support.
C) Ask official Steinberg support.

Hi Martin,

thanks for the response.

I’ve tried to contact Steinberg but I am getting sent to the local dealer. So I guess its either options 1 or 2 but to be honest I guess both of them are pretty long shot