Cubase LE5 problems

Hi I wonder if anyone can help me ?
Ive recently bought a new laptop and have been trying to reinstal cubase le5 and dont seem to be having any luck
Ive downloaded the elicenser but cant get an activation code for some reason (Im sure its something Ive been doing wrong!)
I can accsess anything from my old laptop as its totally blown up

Also I use cubase alongside a zoomR16 and was wondering if I upgraded cubase would this still be compatible ?

any help would be appreciated because Im a bit of an idiot !

Have you logged into MySteinberg and followed the Activation & Reactivation steps?

If you have it working with LE 5, it should work with anything above that as well.

Oh, and you should probably install the latest eLicenser Control if you haven’t …

Hi thanks for your reply

yes I have logged into my steinberg and tried to follow the reactivation steps, my problem is I dont seem to be able to get a new esoft license number

I have also downloaded the latest elicenser control, but dont seem to have an activation code there

In “my steinberg” I can see my old activation code etc, but it is over 2 years ago that I bought the cubaseLe5 and zoom interface, maybe this is the problem

On occasion it seems the eLC installation doesn’t create a soft-eLicencer number (from what I understand - never had the problem myself).

This is the recommended fix …

thank you so much for your help it worked
very much appreciated thank you