Cubase LE5 sound playback problem

I have just got a Tascam US-122 MK11, with Cubase LE5 running on Windows 8. I have set it up correctly i think, downloaded Vista drivers for it and its picked up my VST’s in my Acid Pro 7 fine. It records fine, i can hear my synths through my 2 desktop speakers as i record and also when i playback. The problem i seem to have is when i playback recorded guitar parts, sound is only coming out of the right speaker. I have the inputs and the outputs both set to stereo on the LE5, is this correct or do i need to change settings or something to get the guitars coming out both speakers? Thankyou in anticipation.

Paul N

Add a mono input bus in VST Connections and select it as the input of the stereo audio track or use mono audio tracks with the correct side of the stereo pair selected as the input.

Thanks for the advise, i’ll give it a go and get back to you soon…

Best, Paul

Thanks i tried what you suggested but still the same, i had the message up saying “missing microphone high definition” in the left Device Port when in VST connections - inputs. When i click on the drop down in the Device Port section and click to replace this missing microphone notice with the US-122 MK11 in L thats there already, it states that its there, ie US-MK11 in L, but still no sound from left speaker!
Any other suggestions please?

Best, Paul

Which ASIO driver is selected in Device Setup?

US -122 MK11/US-144 MK11, I have tried the other two, the Generic Low Latency ASIO, and the ASIO Direct X Full Duplex driver, but these two also allow sound just out of the right speaker.

Best way to sort this is via Team Viewer. Let me know via PM if you want to do a session.

What is Team Viewer and PM?

TV is an app that let’s us share screens. Nothing to install, you just run it and send me the logon creds via PM here.

PM= Private Message

That sounds good, let me know what to do, fancy a session tomorrow afternoon at 3pm if u are nort busy?

Best, paul

I’ll send a PM.