Cubase LE5 wont work!!!

hi. i recently installed my old Cubase le5. I keep getting the error message synsoacc.dll does not have the expected interface. I have googled this and tried all options. reinstalled all software but nothing.
please can you help as this is my only way to record.
many thanks
Win 10.
AMD laptop
EMU Tracker pre soundcard

I no longer have my disk but I’m am registered with Cubase. I contacted support several weeks ago but they have not answered my request!!

Hello and welcome,

Your SeL was likely damaged. Here are instructions to reset it:

Close all programs.

Download this file:

Double-click on the downloaded file to start the reinstallation of the eLicenser Control Center.

Please note that running the installation helper will wipe your SeL. You will then need to reactivate your Cubase LE 5 license:

Additionally Cubase LE 5 has been discontinued and is not supported for Windows 10. You can purchase an upgrade to Cubase LE 9 from your MySteinberg account under “vouchers” or your can upgrade to Cubase Elements/Artist/Pro 9 here:

Thank you.