Cubase LE7 and Lexicon Alpha - the end of my tether

OK, it’s getting to the point where I’m about to give up on Cubase completely.

I’ve successfully recorded and played back etc. using previous hardware setups, but I currently cannot get ANY playback sound out of my Cubase LE7.

My setup is as follows:

Windows 10 laptop (Toshiba Satellite) <–> Lexicon Alpha audio I/F <–> Zoom R24 digital recorder --> powered monitors.

When I playback my tracks in Cubase, the indicator bars go up and down as before, but no sound from the speakers. Playback of other sources on the laptop (e.g. YouTube, etc.) works fine.

I’ve tried every setting possible in ‘Device Setup’, but nothing works.

Seriously, I’m thinking of ditching Cubase, as I can no longer do any work with it.

Anybody got any ideas?

Cubase is the recorder like the zoom. So you’re not going to hear anything from that zoom if you don’t plug the cables into the speakers or amp whatever.

So cubase is working but you’re not connected to the speakers.

You really need an audio interface to work with cubase but you can use the built in speakers.

You connect an audio system on the device menu/ device setup/ VSTaudio.
That’s where you would select your audio interface which in this case should be some laptop thing or windows sound or something, not too familiar with doing that with your equipment.

But the audio system needs to be connected.

Then to manage those connections you go to VSTconnections on the device menu where you can see the available inputs and outputs. So like an output pair would be setup to a bus and you can rename the bus etc. The bus is what you see in your tracks/mixer etc. You can’t see the actual inputs, you see the bus you setup to connect to the inputs/outputs.

So if you choose the audio system you want to use in VSTaudio and then you make sure it’s setup right and that your sending the track out to the right bus then you should hear it.

I don’t use laptops but I hear people having problems using the internal sound, lot of stuff to read about that if you search. But it’s not a cubase problem per se, more of a connection problem.

Hope this helps

Thanks for your reply. Everything is connected together properly. I simply use the Zoom in the chain so I don’t have to switch the speakers from it to the audio interface when using it or the laptop. Sound from the laptop goes into the audio i/f, then into the Zoom (via two spare ‘record’ channels), then into the speakers. I can play back a track that I have mixed in Cubase via this setup, provided I run it from another DAW (e.g. Audacity). It’s just Cubase itself that is not putting the sound out. I suspect it’s to do with the device setup, or possibly drivers, but I’ve run out of ideas. I could screenshot the device window if it would help?

Sure what’s VSTaudio and VSTconnections look like.

VSTaudio is in the device setup section as I remember but VSTconnections has it’s own menu command on the device menu.

Also is this the driver you’re using?

And you followed the procedure they have to get around windows signature?

I was thinking you didn’t have an interface because you wanted to use the laptop speakers.

If you’re using the interface then it’s hard to get the sound out of the interface and into the computer’s amp/speakers. Well not hard probably, you’d have have a stereo out of the lexicon into the laptop and then monitor that input so it would sound in the speakers, so like a sound recorder program or something.

I’m not seeing the images…

Could be the links or if you don’t have enough posts you can’t post pics on a lot of forums, might take a look at the rules. Might not be able to post links.

I think for playback on your laptop speakers you have to choose windows as your sound system in VSTaudio.