cubase le7 with zoom r16

Hi everybody,i have a problem with Cubase le7…i successfully downloaded the program and i want to use my zoom r16 as an audio interface for Cubase,i of course downloaded the r16 audio driver for Cubase and installed,here i got the problem…i can’t hear the sound coming out of Cubase,i see the volume indicator going up and down but i can’t hear no sound…i’ve watched on internet for the same problems but nothing helped,can anybody tell me something about???

the setting problem is solved finally…now i have another qiestion:does anybady know how to create(on Cubase le7)a drum track with Halion Sonic IE?i’m having problems and if someone can explain me step by step how to do it it would be great…thanks everybody

Glad you have had some luck. So far I have not managed such luck. Any tips?

I have the exact same issue with the R16, difference is that I’m running Cubase Elements 7.0.80 (on Mac). I’ve tested the R16 outside Cubase (i.e itunes, quicktime) ) and it works fine as audio interface.

Would be endlessly grateful if you tell me about the setting solution you found, I’m desperate by now… :cry: