Cubase LE9 unable missing links


Completely new to DAW’s and Cubase.
Got LE9 with Line 6 hardware.

I have been trying to get started with Cubase 9LE and started following some beginners guides on YouTube, but noticed that I do not have any icons in the Media bay (4 empty boxes - see attached) and get error “halion sonic se some audio files are missing please check installation” when trying to import sounds. What am I missing. It all installed smoothly (and reinstalled again). Do I need a better version of Cubase to add instruments/use the media bay ?

I have emailed Steinberg but they are useless at replying (2 weeks ago and chased up 4 days ago).

I thought this package would be relatively simple to use to record my guitar/mic and add drum beats etc but am starting to think it is too complex for an ad hoc user like myself :frowning:

Appreciate any advice.


Hi and welcome,

Install Cubase from scratch again from the full installer, please. Some files are missing in your installation.

Thanks so much, Martin. Just had time to do this (complete uninstall and reinstall with new download) and although the download appeared the same, including the size, it installed and works as expected now. You have saved me a lot of frustration and I can now start to learn how to use Cubase :slight_smile:
Do you advise upgrading from LE to Elements or is there little benefit for a beginner?
All the best.


with Cubase Elements, you will get more sounds, more plug-ins, and mainly 8 Insert slots instead of 4. Actually you can try yourself. You can rin your Cubase LE as Cubase Elements Trial for 30 days.

Hi. That is great to know of the trial option. I hadn’t seen that. I will give it a go and compare.
Thanks for all the great advice. All the best. J