Cubase Learning Project

I decided to start a project not too long ago to learn how to use Cubase better and to try to get better at making music in general. I basically (force myself to) make a short song each week.

You can check it out here:

So far I have only used Cubase (5) and its included VSTs/synths/effects. The only thing so far that I have used that didn’t come bundled with Cubase is my electric guitar. In the coming weeks I’ll be downloading the free NI players though and start including those as well. And other stuff in the future.

I try to write a little bit about how the song came to be or what techniques I used and so. Feel free to leave a comment on the site or through soundcloud for a specific time of the song. I’d be glad to share any techniques used or anything you’d be interested in knowing about how I used Cubase to make the songs. Your tips on how to better those techniques and all the problems I run into are most welcomed as well. :slight_smile: The idea is for others to learn a thing or two as well along with me.

Please keep in mind:
I do other things for a living so I only spend a bit of time on each song every week. Usually around 5 hours in one night. It would be nice for the songs to be better and have better sound quality, but getting practice and learning is what’s most important here. I believe that if I spend more time perfecting one single song rather than less time on more songs as I’m doing, I wouldn’t learn as much/fast.
I say that so we can focus more on technique and using Cubase in general rather than how good/bad the songs are.

The songs are very varied in genres, so if you don’t like the fist ones, check the older ones and you may find something you like. Hopefully the songs are not too bad and that you actually enjoy them a bit :wink:

Nice pieces! I listened to the latest 3 and they’re really quite good :slight_smile:
Cool that that’s all cubase synths too, I should use em more often!

Yes. Nice job. I like week 34 (the latin style one). I also like how your webiste works.
I see it uses the sound cloud player. Are you hosting it yourself or does sound cloud give you your own domain name?

Just like youtube for instance, soundcloud allow you to embed their player anywhere you like. If you get a premium account you can also use different styles and sizes, the free account has just this one I believe.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The hosting and domain are my own. I make web sites for a living :slight_smile: so I already had the hosting for other sites and I registered that domain name a while ago just because I liked it and it was available and then decided to use it for this project. I have the free account from soundcloud and only embed the player on the website.

The website is also a project in itself. I plan on adding more features and improving it as time goes on.

Oh, and I forgot that there’s one track where I actually used something that didn’t come from within Cubase. It’s week 28 and I used an online app called Otomata to make the basis of the song.

Gee what a nice way to get things going. I too listened to the last one and 2 more going backwards. I kinda wish I had done something like this myself. I do have everything I ever recorded but it is all too raw for “public display” VERY NICE JOB INDEED ! I like it

you can always still start doing something similar :wink:

my stuff really is too raw. the last one i did (last night) came out with horrible sound quality but if I knew that I wasn’t planning on putting it up for “public display” on a schedule I wouldn’t have forced my self to do it and would have gone to sleep instead. but now have one more “song” (if you can call it that) but most important, I have a little bit more experience in making music :wink: