Cubase left Hanging...

So, has anyone figured it out yet??? Cubase not quitting and left hanging in the Task Manager.
Yes i know, force kill, i am not talk about it, nothing woul make it quit, END PROCESS or END
PROCESS TREE…nothing at all, you gotta reboot or wait like 10 15 minutes…this happpens on
6.5.3, and used to happen on earlier 6 versions too, both 64 and 86 on a x64 System.
I see on the net may people are experiencing this, it happens when Cuvase crashes.


OK, you have a lot of VST instruments there - maybe too many. :slight_smile:

But clear this up? Are you saying that - as you are using Cubase - the program crashes? In other words, you can start Cubase but - as you load your plugins, perhaps - Cubase will crash?

Assuming this is true, can you determine which plugin causes the crash? That’s what you need to look at. Are all your plugins and VST instruments 64bit? Are you using j-bridge for your 32 bit plugins - if you have any that is.

Ok let me be more clear. There is times when Cubase crushes, for what reasons i don’t know, it is not specific per
plugin. It just happens. I have 2 separate System OSs on 2 HDDs, both are Win X64, on one is Cubase 32 on the other
is Cubase 64. On Cubase 64 i also use jBridged 32 Bitt plugins. To be more clear, no matter what causes the crashing
of Cubase the problem is, once Cubase crashes and the program closes down, it is still active in the Task Manager.
You can not kill it, you can not end the process, nothing. After 10-15 min will go off by it self. In the meantime, you
can open Cubase, the Task Manager will show 2 of them open but on the on you opened MIDI will not work cuz its
still active on the one that’s in Task Manager, in the background. I saw this as a common problem all over the net.
As for VST instruments i own a lot more then what’s in there, almost everything, was and am in contract with some
of the bigger names as a developer, with some HARD companies too and most of the stuff i JUST got from them.
But now i am getting down all to Software, sick and tired of keyboards and cables around.

This won’t solve the Cubase crashing problem, but could make life a bit easier for you:

  1. Create a new textfile with notepad.
  2. put the following contents in it:
@echo off

REM **** force close Cubase stuck process****
TASKKILL /IM cubase6.exe /F

REM **** wait a few seconds ****
ping -n 5 localhost

REM **** Start Cubase again ****
start "" /b "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\Cubase 6\Cubase6.exe"
  1. Save the file and name it: RestartCubase.bat
    (make sure you choose “Save as type: all files” in the Save File dialog box).

When Cubase hangs again, doubeclick on the ‘RestartCubase.bat’ file and Cubase should restart.

NOTE: The above script assumes Cubase 32-bit. For 64-bit you’ll have to modify the paths.
Also, I’m not entirely sure the path for Cubase 6.5 is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\Cubase 6", but I think it is.

Thanks James, yes, the path is right except that my Drive Letters have customized name if that matters.

What about the ,CODE: SELECT ALL’’ message in your txt?

You mean the drive label you see in explorer? No, that doesn’t matter.

You only need to copy the green part of the code. If you press the part that says “SELECT ALL”, it will automatically select the text you need to copy.

Thanks, i got it right, i tested the module and it starts up Cubase which means
its working, i guess this can be implemented to other programs just by changing
the .EXE command from Cubase to whatever the other program is.