Cubase licence more then one user


i work in a school and i have got Cubase 12 kind of working. I’m just wondering can i change the location of where Cubase is looking for the licence folder? just because it puts in the admins appdata folder the normal users can have access too. If i could change it to the C drive this would be a big help. I have tried emailing support and had no reply


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I’m sorry, I’m afraid you cannot change the location.

any ideas on what i can do.
i do the activation on one account (admin) and then when an other account logs in to the same PC (non admin) it loses the activation

Please take a look at the “Multi-user licensing” section of the Steinberg Licensing FAQ:

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create an user account just for Cubase and activate it there. I can’t remember if the activation process on some point asked for admin rights, but the account you’re running Cubase on doesn’t need them.

that’s the problem i email support and I don’t get any reply’s