Cubase licence on 2 computers


Is it possible for me to use my Cubase Artist 8.5 both on my computer in home, and my second computer in studio ? I’m sorry if there is already a thread concerning this, I couldn’t find a clear answer.


Yes it is.

To add…
You can’t run the software at the same time. CB will only work on the computer that the USB dongle is connected to.

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Thank you very much guys :slight_smile:

Late additional question…:
• I have two dongles. May I have the same licence on both? (Artist 8.5)
•• May I (then) leave each dongle ‘stationary’ with it’s computer?

One License can only be on one USB key at the same time. If you bought 1 Cubase, you own 1 License which can be on one USB key. If you bought several Cubases you have several licenses and they can be all on one USB key or on several USB keys.