Cubase license and computer swap questions

Hello dear community,
my new DAW PC components are now ordered and now I am going to upgrade my Cubase Pro version as well, here are a few questions I have regarding the change. (my previos thread: Building a new computer for Cubase 12 Pro) - Thanks again to all the great tips and links!

I was using Cubase Pro 8.5 and wanted to upgrade to 12 I already saw that there are quite some things I need to do with the eLicenser USB Dongle in order to use the upgrade version (reference: Can I upgrade from Cubase pro 8.5 to 12?)

I guess those instructions are fine to follow and I won’t be having too much trouble following them. But what I’d like to know in advance is:

  1. Since the 8.5 License will be marked as “used” I will no longer be able to run my old 8.5 version of Cubase?
  2. Since the online store is unavailable due to the insolvency of the current shop owners I read I could use the trial version for 30 to 60 days. Will the Upgrade Version license (I hope to buy asap) be useable with this trial version?
  3. Is there any best practise on how to “copy” my current pending projects over from the old computer to the new one?
  4. Will any of my previously completed projects work with version 12 or do I have to “convert” them before I invalidate my 8.5 Dongle with said eLicenser change?

Sorry if some of those have already been answered in other threads and thanks in advance to everyone reading this.

Hi @CologneEnthusiast,

You can still run it, and most older versions too, with some extra work even way down to version SX3!

“Finalizing” this license only means that you cannot upgrade it again to a higher version, or especially a higher version within the new Steinberg Licensing system (eLicenser licenses won’t be sold anymore anyway).

not 100% sure if this would be technically possible, but I dont think so.

if it was me I’d just transfer everything to a new folder manually. Either over LAN or by using a USB stick / USB SSD.

This depends on a few environmental factors, so it’s not easy to predict what might happen as soon as you open your older projects.

Also, Cubase Pro 12 is different compared to its previous versions, as it doesn’t come with some of the older factory VST synth instruments. These are: Mystic, Prologue, Specter, LoopMash.

Apart from that and upon install, HALion Sonic 7 will replace any older version of HALion Sonic SE, and GrooveAgent SE will be updated to the latest version 5.1.20.

Plus, you’ll need much more harddisc space for Cubase Pro 12 and its factory content than for Cubase 8.5 (roughly 25 GB).

Best wishes,

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Thanks for your answer. I now understand that it will just finalize it not invalidates it. Does this mean I can use the cubase 12 pro license afterwards to upgrade to for example 13 or will I have to buy 13 pro as a full price product?

So as I understand you I just copy all my files over and open them up as I need to, good to know, very helpful.

It’s not a great deal, to upgrade or replace no longer available extensions as long as I can open up cubase 8.5 if I have to in the future. My old pc remains operational.

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Steinberg typically offers a grace period for customers who bought a product within three or four weeks before a new release comes out. In that period you get the new release for free. In case you are out of the grace period you can simply upgrade it as usual to next releases.

The software is identical, it is a matter of license. When you get the upgrade you enter the download code, open the Activation Manager and activate the full license. That makes the software work without expiration date.