Cubase License Inside Audio Card is possible?

Hi, I’m new to this forum, please be kind if I’m posting in the wrong session.

I would like to buy Cubase to try it for few months, actually I use Studio One and Ableton, but I really don’t like to have to use an USB pen to run the software.

I lose my USB pens regularly when touring and it is something I really don’t want to worry about.

Is it possible to store the license inside a portable Steinberg audio card like the UR22?
I’ve never forgot an audio card, that is big enough to remember about it.
I would prefer to buy a new audio card no matter the cost, I really hate to have to worry about a little USB pen, usb hubs etc.

Thanks a lot


Hi and welcome on the forum,

No, sorry, it’s not possible.

Cubase LE, AI and Elements licenses are stored in the Soft-eLicenser. This means, no USB-eLicenser. Cubase Artist and Pro licenses can be stored in the Soft-eLicenser only (it’s not common flash memory, it’s a dedicated key).

Or, you can wait for the dongle-free version.

Thanks for info Martin.
I would like to buy Cubase Pro and Wavelab Pro, I need to test all features to compare to the other software I use, to be honest I need at least one year to fully test it, I don’t really care about the cost that is totally fine. While waiting for the dongle free version why not add an USB-eLicenser inside the UR22 or another little portable audio interface? I don’t mind to buy and test a new soundcard from Steinberg, I’ve always wanted to buy one :slight_smile:
Actually with this strange license system with additional usb license is quite too weird for me, I think I’ll pass for now.
I’ll keep an eye on Steinberg news.

Thanks for listening.



Thank you for the info.

Maybe you could handle the USB-eLicenser for the one testing year and then hopefully dongle-free Cubase would arrive already. BTW, if you lose the USB-eLicenser, it’s not the license lost. You can buy a new USB-eLicenser and transfer the licenses (with the Steinberg support help).

Thanks for info Martin,
I understand I can buy new USB-eLicenser if I lost it, but what if I’m touring in a place with no internet or elsewhere, only thinking about that is like a nightmare. Imagine that I always take with me 2 laptops and 2 small audio cards just in case if something goes wrong, I need to be as efficient and fast as possible.
I can’t depend on a such a small piece of hardware like an USB pen, too small but too important.
I’ve read many good reviews about Cubase and Wavelab and I really want to try it and discover all details but I can’t invest time to learn it if it is not eligible to be used in my workflow.
If Steinberg give me the option to store the USB-eLicenser inside an audio card that could be a good solution for me.

I’ll keep an eye on Steinberg news.

Thanks for listening.


Even I purchased the dongle for Cubase 11 pro; I have to go to the studio and insert it, not knowing that they may be using a pirated soft so I can screw up my dongle. This is a breath of fresh air for us. Thanks, Steinberg.