Cubase Live Scenes (live Snapshot/Preset with crossfade)

We’re using Cubase 10.5 for a livestream audio mixer. Latency is not a concern per se on on an RMTP output stream.

We’re getting really good sonic results. However from an operational perspective we could really use scene save/recall capability. We need to have the equivalent of “scenes” where we can take snapshots or save presets of levels (and sends and other parameters) for various music segments before the live performance and then be able to recall those scenes and have Cubase perform a smooth and seamless cross-fade transition from the current settings to the scene. There should be a way to specify the cross-fade time.

It is not necessary to reroute/repatch during a scene change, but it is necessary to be able to change the value of any parameter such as volume level, pan, effects sends, etc.

So far, I’ve not found a way to do this. Snapshots and presets temporarily mute the output which is a problem in a live setting. And they don’t do crossfades, such as you might find in a hardware audio mixer or a DMX lighting controller. Anyone have a solution for this? Anyone else need this?

Cubase will not do exactly this, though there may be some way to “fake it” using addition tracks/channels and some muting…

But there’s a new product that might be interesting to you.

Very interesting, I had totally missed this. Of course the name “VST Live” is not exactly making me think of anything other than plug-ins :slight_smile: . It does appear like VST Live is wanting to compete with Ableton Live which I’m just starting to learn. I’ve played with VST Live briefly and so far not getting any sort of crossfade behavior… will post about it over on VST Live.