Cubase, Live?


I have been playing guitar and bass for many years however I have recently bought a Yamaha Montage and I am just learning to play. Cubase AI is provided with the montage and it seems to be quite easy to use. My knowledge of MIDI is a bit limited however the Motage integrats simply with Cubase.

Could anyone tell me, and this may be a stupid question but is it possible/advisable to use the Cubase VST instruments with the Montage in a live environment and use it to automate changes? Ableton and Mainstage seem to be the ones most people use and I suspect the answer will be that Cubase is really studio recording software but I thought it was worth asking.


Hi and welcome,

Yes, you can use Cubase too.

Hi Martin

Thanks for your quick response. Thats what I was hoping.
It seems very simple to setup the Montage within Cubase however is it reasonable simple to use the Cubase VST’s and setup MIDI routing without the recording functionality?
I tries ProTools but didnt really do very well with it but Cubase is great. If I can play VST’s and use it for MIDI routing I would probably buy Cubase Pro 9.


There are even other applications, even other then Ableton Live or MainStage. These applications are “just” a VST hosts and routing applications. But if you also want to automate something in the project (while playing), then you need a sequencer.

Of course “just” a VST host can me more CPU efficient.

Cubase is appropriate for any “clock” driven performance. Everything is timed from the clock. I use the Cubase clock and send to both the Montage and MOXF which are MIDI tempo driven for effects and arpeggios.