Cubase locking up in OSX Lion


I mainly use Cubase on PC and have almost zero problems but occasionally I use it on Mac as well.
I was working on a project today. Very simple Just two audio tracks and a video track. Cubase locked up unexpectedly randomly when I was hitting “play” or when I pressed stop. It used to take 15 minutes for this to happen but there was no specific pattern.
I am using OSX 10.7 and Cubase 6.5.3 in 64bit mode.
Before I hit the support is there any routine procedure that I should try? I know that a solution on PC is to trash the preferences files. Any ideas on a Mac?

Thanks in advance


Try to Repair Disk Permission of your system HDD, from the Disk Utilities. Switch off all screenshots, sleeps, automatic check update, etc. of all applications.

What about your automatic save settings? Isn’t it everyone 15 minutes?

If this is Cubase problem only, you can trash the preferences the same way, as on Windows.