Cubase locks up after using pitch correct


I think my setup may be responsible for this but want to see if any one has a workaround! So I have just upgraded my machine to run Cubase 6 and WL7 but I kept my beloved soundcard so I’m still running XP Pro and my system drive is a SSD (Just for programs) and the audio/video drive is a SATA HDD. Here’s the problem…

If I use the pitch correct tool on one of my projects then switch to another projrect Cubase locks up!
If I use pitch correct then close Cubase without saving cubase will not start up and I have to change the project directory name so Cubase cannot see it then I can start Cubase again.

My guess is it is something to do with the SSD but no audio is recorded there. What do you think?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t have an SSD drive (yet!) but this sounds like a caching thing…SSDs on an older OS is slightly experimental territory :nerd: Have you tried moving the OS pagefile to the SATA HDD (then reboot)? Just a stab in the dark…

I just had a casual look over the the web, and it seems there are a few causes for this, everything from caching issues to firmware to power management (LPM). It depends wildly on the drive manufacturer – try searching “ssd freeze” and you’ll see what I mean :astonished: Here’s an article talking about the actual controller:

Notice in the screenshot they are specifically mentioning the pagefile, so try moving that first.

Let us know what you find out, I know a lot of forum users will likely go this direction soon…


Thanks for the reply, I moved the pagefile and now I randomly get 100% disk usage even when the transport is stopped! But that does not appear to be causing problems at the moment so I’ll leave it there. Anyway the Cubase appears to have stopped crashing :smiley: . The project was from an old version (SX3) so what I did was removed the audio files from the project and the pool then added them back to the project in Cubase 6 as new audio and no more crashes! Now I appear to have forgotten how to use audiowarp so a new post may follow! Thanks :smiley:

That has been the only NATIVE Cubase function that has crashed it for me in YEARS…mind you, it’s not epidemic, or repeatable(yet) for me…but, after having c4 for years and only having third party instruments cause instability…it was odd for me to find a native function less than 100%.

No solid state drives here.

I can go sessions without seeing it…always VariAudio on vocal tracks…and it’s the polite “cubase has experienced an error-please save your work and close”–not like a hard BSOD, but…my point is there’s obviously some rouge code timing issue with the VariAudio.