Cubase loses connection to UR22C on macOS, unable to reconnect

I have Cubase 11.0.10 Build 321
UR22C is connected, the Yamaha driver is not installed because it does not work on macOS11.

I play my guitar through UR22C → Cubase and I listen via the headphone plugged into the UR22C.

I inadvertedly touch the USB plug which disconnects the UR22C and Cubase tells me that it will switch to the built-in audio driver if the UR22C does not come back.

After unplugging the re-plugging the UR22C it is not recognized by Cubase.

I can play Itunes music through the UR22C so it is definitely recognized by macOS.

There is no way to make Cubase recognize the UR22C, not in Studio Setup nor anywhere else.

So for now a brief disconnect rendered my UR22C useless. Any advise on how to solve that problem?

have you tried rebooting your Mac?

Yes, I also tried rebooting. I tried for one hour ro reconnect my UR22C in various ways, restart Cubase, reboot the Mac all with the UR22C connected or disconnected to no avail.

In Cubase → Studio Setup there is an option to add devices. I can select an UR-C which most probably covers the UR22C. I can select it but nothing changes, only the Built-In Audio is avialable.

I can listen to iTunes through the UR22C, so basically the Mac recognizes it.

You may have to explicitly reconnect Cubase to the UR, since disconnecting the USB plug, may have flipped Cubase to use the Mac internal audio driver: Selecting an Audio Driver

That is the solution. I just overlooked the driver part of Studio Setup, so thank you very much for the advice.

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