Cubase Marker to Wavelab Marker

Hi !

I wonder if it’s possible to export the Cubase Marker Track in a wavelab compatible way !?
I’m working on a 2h live multitrack recording - it would be great to have the marker names from Cubase 6 in Wavelab 7 automatically.

Greetings - Poldi

I’ve never heard of WaveLab being able to import a marker file (even if Cubase allowed saving one), but maybe you should also ask the question in the WaveLab forum. PG should be able to tell you right away.

Luck, Arjan

This would be fantastic. Yes, there are times when I’m working on a live recording and it’s all set up nicely with cycle markers in Cubase. It’d be so useful to be able to do an export with those markers in situ.

Can’t see why there shouldn’t be more compatability between these two Steinberg products - oh, and perhaps a dual discount available for updates and purchases!!


Just look at Adobe Collection - Premiere to Encore Marker Export… :wink:

But also bear in mind that Encore is no longer a standalone product, and comes with Premiere Pro…
They also both use the same Sonic Solutions AuthorCore, which kinda helps.

I would honestly have thought what you ask should be possible (it certainly is in Nuendo) and was quite shocked when I found out it is not possible. Okay, Cubase has no AES31 export option but WaveLab does have XML import, and it really shouldn’t be too difficult to add code to Cubase allowing marker tracks to get included in a track archive, and to add code to WaveLab allowing import of this type of XML file.

Maybe an FR to Phillippe at the WaveLab forums is in order?

It would be great!