Cubase Maximizer plugin

Does anyone have an opinion on the sound of the Maximizer plug-in in Cubase? Ozone is not yet 64 bit and I refused to pay for the WUP, so even if Waves was 64 bit I wouldn’t go there. Thanks.

I find the Maximizer to be harsher on the highs. Sometimes its good, but a lot of times not. I really like IK Multimedias stuff. Their brickwall limiter is great. Although its still 32bit. BOOOO.

PSP Xenon is my new favorite limiter. Sounds pretty good (PSP has my vote) and its 64 bit.

T-RackS is 64 bit since a month or so.
I agree: their brickwall limiter is great, it’s always the last VST in my audio chain.

+1. It is also last in my chain.
But the brickwall limiter is not really a ‘Maximizer’

I use the T-Racks Vintage Comp 670 to get that ‘kick’ that a
maximizer does.

Re: the Steiny Maximizer plug:
dschreiberjr is right when he said:

Sometimes its good, but a lot of times not.

IMHO I find it can be very clean sounding depending on the style of music
and if you don’t push it too far.

You are not going to win the ‘volume wars’ with it but it can be
a useful tool; especially on instrument tracks that are grouped.

I would not use it on voxes or an over all mix.


Thanks for all replies, especially Dirk’s-I had no idea those IK plugs were already 64 bit!
I wonder if SampleTank will ever get there, or their reverb-in any case, that’s nice and unexpected news.

Seems my search for a 64 bit "Maximizer’ may go on though. There is apparently an Ozone 64 bit beta, but I don’t know if it’s VST for Mac yet.

Voxengo Elephant is what I use and it’s excellent. It’s also available in 64bit VST: