Cubase Maximum Slots(Plugins)

I have an Intel 8700k at 3.70 with 64GB Gskill Memory at 3200mhz and an M2 SSD Samsung 960Evo 500Gb with a Gigabyte Z370 Hd3p motherboard.

My installed Cubase Pro version is the 8.5.30. I have a very wierd bug that i cant explain.

After the latest Windows Update at 19th of April i dont have the ability to load projects that are full of plugins!
The same projects opened just fine 15 days ago.

If a load a light project no problems at all.

  1. Did the latest Windows Update caused a Bug?

2.Is there a workaround that we could use to continue working?

EDIT I found a workaround that allows you to open the project and view it without activating it.

  1. You must first open an empty project. Then you open the full mixed project and then you can view all files. If you activate the projects Cubase crashes!

I cant grasp the fact that Steinberg wont release a patch for this huge issue!


95 days with no answer? Please release a fix for this.
I need to work and I cannot!