Cubase media bay not looping properly

Im sure this is me at our end thats the issue, but when i preview a loop in media bay it seems to loop only a section of the entire sample? is there something that will enable me to preview the entire loop, for example a 4 bar loop, media bay loops bar 2 only?

Have you set any region too cycle? Look in to that.

My problem is that the loop doesnt tempo sync.
If I start cubase with asio guard on it does not sync, if I turn it off it syncs.
If I start cubase with asio guard off, it does not sync, if i turn it on it syncs.

Just by makin the switch, it tempo sync perfectly again. Seems rather strange. My soundcard is a Steinberg ur22.

Hi Chris, I’ve got exactly the same problem, but it only happens in one of my projects, the rest is fine. Very annoying bug. I’d also be grateful if someone could help to fix it :unamused:

ThX, Jakub

I occasionally experience this issue. When it starts happening I just close and re-open Cubase and it fixes it.

Unfortunately, not working for me (I’m still on cubase 7.5 btw).

I’ve had some issues like this in the past, here are a few things to look at. I’ve used these in Cubase 8 and older versions.

  • check to see if the sample rate of the loops matches your project sample rate, this becomes an issue if the sample meta data or file name is not enough for mediabay to figure out temp, bars, beats, etc… You can edit the mediabay properties to fix this.

  • right click the loop file (or files) and select “check tempo”, (note: this takes a long of time to process if you select a lot of files, like a library, you’ll know it’s done when the files are not highlighted anymore)

  • if you have an odd time signature in your project and the “sync to project” button on mediabay will compensate based on the signature of your loop

Hope this helps.