Cubase media project import issues - no tracks imported if within Folder


Tried to import a media project with a bunch of Midi tracks from Cubase and found some issues/flaws:

  • Single tracks or subfolders are not imported if they are located within a Folder in Cubase.
    I have all my tracks in Cubase sorted under various folders and subfolders - see image below.
    If I select the whole main folder (Folder-Keyboards) in the hierarchy, the whole folder is imported okay, but if I just want to import a subfolder or a specific track (MIDI K6 1) within a folder/subfolder nothing is imported.

  • Cubase folder names for imported folders do not retain their names from Cubase, just says “Folder”

  • Folders and Tracks are imported in reversed order

Some additional proposals regarding Export / Import, I put them here even if it’s related to Cubase VST Live export function:

  • Let Cubase VST Live export remember last file destination

  • Have Cubase project name as default name prefilled in Export dialog

  • Option in Export dialog for filter/display “Show Tracks With Data”, alternate have option for “Select Tracks With Data” as complement to “Select All”.


Hi @Hackej

Everything is fixed or added. But …

… what about this one? When does a track have no data? Do you have a lot of tracks with no data?



Thanks for feedback, sounds great!
Any idea of when I can expect a release?

Yes, I use a default project template in Cubase with tracks structured in folders and set up for easy recording and mixing, I want all my projects to look the same for simplicity.

So depending on where I am in the process there may be some/a lot of empty tracks waiting for additional recording(s).
And if I want to make a backing track for rehearsal to put into VST Live I have to manually select all tracks that have recorded events, which works I guess, but can be a little bit tedious.


… I see. Thank you for your detailed explanation. The feature has been added and will be ready within the next update.


Hi, great, Thanks!