Cubase & Melodyne Chords Misaligned

I just went to edit some audio in Melodyne (ARA) for the first time in this Project. The Project has a Chord Track and Melodyne is set to use the Chords from the DAW. But as you can see the chords are misaligned between Cubase & Melodyne (fyi the bar numbers differ by one because I have Cubase starting at 0 but Melodyne starts at 1). I tried having Melodyne do a chord analysis and then resetting it to use the DAW’s Chords but the results were the same.

It looks like the Chords in Melodyne are progressively occurring later and later, but the audio is staying where it should.

Anyone know what’s going on?

I also had a similar issue before I updated my Melodyne version to 5.1.1 or so. Now, it usually only happens to me when I change my project’s tempo. My workaround is then to move a chord in the chord track a bit and then Melodyne usually recalibrates the chord positions.

This seemed hopeful until I found I’m at the latest version.

When I tried this I could see the Chords move in Melodyne when I changed them on the Chord Track. But it didn’t realign to the bar lines - it just moved them to different unaligned positions and back.

Is that an old project your working on at the moment? I forgot to mention that this bug also only occurred in all my older Cubase 10 templates and projects created from those. When I created a new empty project, the bug wasn’t as bad anymore so I had to recreate all my templates anew in the end. If that doesn’t help, then I’m also not sure what else there is to try.

Interesting, I’ll have to look into this. My main Template goes back through many versions and revisions.