Cubase memory use

I’m still on 6.5.5 but this is more of a general question:

assuming there is sufficient RAM, would Cubase load an entire project into memory? Meaning all the VI’s, but also recorded audio (.wav) etc. Or are the VI’s largely autonomous when it comes to how much they load into memory?

I ask because VI’s like Omnisphere and Kontakt do allow you to adjust these settings, but it seems to me that some kind of lower-level memory management from the DAW (and -of course- OS) is desirable, or even necessary.

So how does that work? The OS comes first obviously, but how do the DAW and instantiated VI’s decide what goes in memory and what is being read from disk (if anything at all)?

Hope some of the Steinberg techs can chime in.

It is totally up to the VST author how to handle memory. The only thing the DAW decides is how much data to send to the VST at a time which determined buffer sizes etc.