Cubase menu got screwed up

Changed from “Highest performance” visual settings to a windows aero theme. Now when I open up a certain project I get this (see attachment)
cubase menu.PNG

changing back to non-aero theme resolves the issue but im just curious whats going on and how to get it working with aero theme


Silly Q, but did you try rebooting after you changed it? Latest vid card drivers?

maybe that would fix it. its just interesting because a starting a NEW project worked fine. the problem only occurs on a project that i had previously saved on the old basic windows theme.

And what if you re-save and open it again?

Otherwise, just don’t use Aero. Does “highest performance” suggest why?

well isnt it kind of negligible increase in performance on modern computers? Im on an i7 3930k

Don’t have a clue about your problem, but I use Aero without any problems. And that’s with first generation i7.

Had to do a system restore and it loaded up with aero and the project worked fine. Go figure.