Cubase menu is partly hidden


I’ve noticed that in some cases, part of Cubase’s main menu is hidden. In this particular instance, I was watching a tutorial on YouTube in full screen mode, then switched to Cubase using + (see attachments). Interestingly, even though the menu items are not visible, they are operational; When I left-click on the menu bar, the hidden menu item and the corresponding sub-menu are drawn.

EDIT (19/01/2015): It also happens irrespective of other applications, if you try to drag and drop the menu bar, it reappears in the wrong place.

In case this bug has not already been reported, would you please forward it, as appropriate?

Thank you,


Just adding additional menu issues.
My Steinberg Hub drop down menu doesn’t do anything.
I also get strangle little white bars floating around the menu bar as I move the mouse around there.